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The Art of Motherhood.

The Art of Motherhood.

Natasha Dumais


Our founder Kate McKimm & Fiona Brill reflect on the joys of being a Mum.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we’re excited to celebrate the incredible women who constantly inspire us. Among them is our own very Kate McKimm, the innovative founder of Kmode Interiors, and her beautiful mum, Fiona Brill. Since launching Kate's business in 2013, this duo have been fortunate enough to work together for over a decade, building a leading brand in Melbourne Property Styling, Interiors & Homewares. Today, we’re excited to launch our Kmode Interiors Style Journal with a special feature on motherhood. Join us as we chat with Kate and Fiona reflecting on their working relationship and the privilege of being a mum, alongside Kate’s children, Jett (15) and Lulu (13), to hear about what their mum and grandmother mean to them.


 Kmode Interiors founder Kate McKimm and her mum Fiona Brill.  Image Credit: Natasha Dumais.

Kate McKimm

How do you plan to celebrate Mother's Day this year? Any special touches from Kmode Interiors?

We have an early start for my son’s football game.Then heading in to watch the Pies Vs West Coast! My family are all mad Collingwood supporters so my mum, dad and brother are coming also! 

Can you share the best piece of advice you’ve received from your Mum that has helped you in your career at Kmode?

My mum has always given me amazing advice throughout my life. I think one thing that really stands out, is that you can’t control certain things. That guidance has definitely helped me accept and let go of things that I have been faced with along the way.

Your mum has been a part of Kmode since its inception 13 years ago. Can you describe what it’s been like integrating family with business? 

It’s been a beautiful journey having my mum by my side. She only ever wants the best for me and my business. She goes above and beyond with everything she does. I think as the years have gone by; I pinch myself at how lucky I am to spend the time I do with her at work – it’s extra time we get together. 

In what ways does your Mum inspire you?

My mum is super kind, very funny and always positive. Everyone that meets her loves her. 

Is there anything your mum did growing up that you now do with your own kids?

My mum was always passionate about healthy eating at home. I try to be the same! 

We’d love to hear about your children. How do you go juggling your hectic work life balance and giving them the attention they need?

I have a son Jett who is 15 and a daughter Lulu who is 13. They are both super busy with sport, school, and their social lives! I feel now that they are getting older, they need me more. I try to be there in the mornings and afternoons for them, getting most of my work done in school hours and then at night.  

What four things do you hope for your two children?

Good health, happiness, love and beautiful friendships/relationships.  

What do you find most rewarding about being a Mum? 

I love the bond I share with my kids and the joy they bring — it's all about the laughs, the spontaneous dance parties in the kitchen, and those moments where a quiet, simple hug says everything. Watching their confidence grow has been most rewarding and seeing the world through their teenage eyes makes every day a new adventure.  

What are the challenges of balancing motherhood with your role at Kmode?

I find being present at home and having lots of time to spend with the kids, the biggest challenge. Time is the greatest currency and a goal I am working towards creating more of. 

What has motherhood taught you so far?

The list is long! Unconditional love, patience and selflessness are my top 3. It has taught me a strength I didn’t know I have, to show up and be the best version of myself to my kids every day, whilst also being raw, honest and showing emotion through life’s challenges.  

What’s your favourite item from the Kmode Interiors Mother’s Day Gifts Collection, and why?
Ah that's a tough question, because there's so much in our gifts and homewares range to choose from. However, I am obsessed with the Palermo Olive French Linen Bedcover. The colour is divine and its versatility is incredible all year round! It’s the perfect size too!

Kate, your Kmode team includes a remarkable group of mothers among its twenty staff. As Mother’s Day approaches, is there anything special you’d like to say to these incredible women, and perhaps to all the wonderful people who contribute to the success of Kmode Interiors?

Absolutely! Our team at Kmode Interiors is truly exceptional, and I'm so proud to work alongside each of the 20 talented individuals who make up our family here. It’s especially inspiring to see our incredible mothers, who manage to juggle their responsibilities at home with their passion for design so gracefully. This Mother’s Day, I want to express heartfelt gratitude to these amazing women for their dedication and hard work. You all bring so much energy and creativity to Kmode, making our workplace vibrant and nurturing. Thank you for everything you do! You inspire me on the daily. And to the entire team, your efforts and talents are what make Kmode Interiors a success. I appreciate each and every one of you!

The Kmode Interiors store is based in Church Street Brighton, a fabulous Melbourne shopping precinct. What do you love about Church Street? If someone was to make a day trip of coming to visit the Kmode Interiors Store, what other fun things could they do?

I absolutely love Church Street in Brighton; it's a fantastic spot that perfectly complements the ethos of Kmode Interiors, which is all about a deep love of design and style, high-quality materials, and creating spaces that invite you in. If you're planning to visit our store, there’s plenty to fill your day. Start with lunch at The Pantry — everyone loves their vibrant, fresh menu. Afterward, take some time to explore the array of fashion boutiques including GraceScanlan & Theodore, and Husk - who all offer an exceptional range of stylish pieces that mirror our commitment to beautiful and thoughtful design. And if you’re visiting around Mother's Day, I highly recommend stopping by Victoria Whitelaw Florist. They have the most exquisite arrangements that can truly make the day special. 


Kate and her Mum Fiona have worked together for more than a decade.  Image Credit: Natasha Dumais.



Fiona (Kate’s Mum)

How are you celebrating Mother's Day this year Fiona? Will it include any special decorations or items from Kmode?

Going to the football with my kids and then hopefully they’ll all come to us for dinner. Lots of gorgeous pieces from Kmode in my home, candles, books, and pots.

Can you share the best piece of advice you’ve received from your Mum?

When things are tough, just keep taking small steps. She would always say ‘this too shall pass’!

Having worked with Kate and been a part of Kmode since its beginning, how do you reflect on the evolution of the business and your role within it?

Reflecting on Kate's journey with Kmode Interiors, from the early days when she stored furniture in her home, to quickly outgrowing her first small warehouse, and seeing where she is today, has been truly inspiring. Throughout this journey, I've played a small role, mostly offering moral support. Watching her dedication and growth has been a true source of joy for me as a mum.

What qualities in Kate inspire you, and how have they influenced Kmode Interior's success?

She doesn’t give up, if she has a goal in mind, she keeps on going and has this wonderful belief that all will be ok.

How many kids do you have and do you have a favourite child?!

I have three kids and my favourite is the one I’m with at the time.

What hopes have you always had for your children’s futures?

Above everything I hope they are happy and have fulfilled lives.

From your perspective, what are the top things about being both a Mum and a Grandma?

Watching my kids and grandkids grow and come into their own. Best of all, looking at them and feeling proud of who they’ve become.

What do you love about your Grandkids?

I love their innocence and I love seeing my kids in them. I love that they love Ron and I unconditionally and that they want to spend time with us, it’s so precious.

What are your favourite items from the Kmode Interiors Mother’s Day Gifts Collection are you loving, and why?

Definitely the Coffee Table Books!

You’re a familiar face often working in our store in Brighton. What do you love about the Church Street precinct? If someone was to make day trip of coming to visit the Kmode Interiors Store, what other fun things could they do?

I love the vibrancy of Church Street, Brighton. If you’ve not visited this Melbourne Bayside suburb, you’re in for a treat. There’s a great picture theatre 'The Palace Dendy Brighton' and lots of amazing cafes and restaurants. There’s a cute little Wine Bar, La Petite Societe and of course the Half Moon Hotel which is great for a late afternoon glass of bubbles (and conveniently located right opposite our Kmode Interiors Shop!) Definitely lots to see and do here.


 Kate's children Jett & Lulu.  Image Credit: Natasha Dumais.


Jett (15 years old)

What do you love about your Mama?

I love how she takes care of me even if she’s busy at work and also how she guides me through life even if it's a tricky situation.

If you could wish something for your Mum what would it be?

I’d wish that she could be happy and have more time to relax.

What do you love about your Grandma (FiFi)?

She is funny, has good stories to tell. She’s also very wise! She always knows what to say.

Why do you think Mother's Day is important?

Celebrating all that mothers do in the world is important and is gives them recognition for how good a job they are doing raising their kids.


 Kate McKimm with Jett & Lulu.  Image Credit: Natasha Dumais.

Lulu (13 years old)

What do you love about your Mama?

The things that I love about my mum is that she is hard working, intelligent, strong and very kind.

If you could wish something for your Mum what would it be?

I wish that she could be happy to start her day at work and not be stressed.

What do you love about your Grandma (FiFi)?

I love that Fifi is courageous, funny and she looks out for others and comes up with ways to make me smile!

Why do you think Mother's Day is important?

I think Mother’s Day is important because you get to acknowledge your Mum and Grandma and to honour these most important people in our lives. It’s a day to show appreciation for their love, sacrifice and dedication.


Lulu, Jett, Kate and Fiona.  Image Credit: Natasha Dumais.


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Thanks for joining us in conversation with Kate & Fiona in our first Kmode Style Journal piece. If you’re interested in working with Kmode Interiors on any upcoming Property Styling or Interiors Project please contact us. 

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